Wellness in Graz

Im Hotel Stoiser in Graz gibt es neben den gemütlichen und komfortablen Zimmern auch andere Orte an denen man großartig zur Ruhe kommen kann. Nämlich in der wohltuenden hauseigenen Wellness-Landschaft. Denn hier erwarten Sie Wellness-Anwendungen die zum Verwöhnen einladen. In gemütlichen Ambiente laden Sie Ihre Batterien wieder auf und rüsten sich für die restlichen Urlaubstage. 

Unwind. Relax. Take a look inward. All of us rush about here and there. Yet sometimes this has to stop. Take a break! Re-energise. In our sauna area the clocks tick a bit slower. Rest and relaxation sets in. This is what we call relaxation. The Stoiser sauna area is open to 'non hotel guests' too.

€ 17,- per person and day between 2:00 and 9:30 p.m.
€ 12,- per person between 6:00 and 9:30 p.m.

Our sauna area includes:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Tepidarium
  • Infrared cabins
  • Relaxation area
  • Heat benches
  • Solarium

Finnish sauna

The refreshing and detoxifying effect of sweating in a sauna is based upon the high temperature (around 80° to 90°C) and low humidity (up to max.10%).
In a sauna your blood vessels get a workout and your immune system is strengthened. There is also a positive effect on your heart and circulation.
We provide sauna infusions with a variety of aromas. The beneficial effects of the essential oils come through and their lovely aromas are beguiling for your senses.

Steam bath

Anyone who finds a classic sauna too intensive, might opt for the "gentle" variant, the steam bath. Here the temperatures reach an average of 40 to 45°C.
However the humidity is actually higher and gently stimulates your circulation. As well as for relaxation, the steam bath is also "warmly" recommended to those who value lovely skin.

Relaxation area & Heat benches

Our cosy relaxation room has relaxation couches and invites you to relax and unwind.
The most sought-after places in our relaxation area are the heated ceramic benches. A beneficial heat pervades your body, promoting circulation and alleviating tension in the back and legs.
A feeling of safety and well-being quickly sets in.

Infrared cabins

In infrared cabins the heat is generated not by heating the room, as happens in a sauna and steam bath. Radiation provides a pleasing deep-down heat over 30 degC, the positive effects range from releasing tension, to alleviating back ache and stress, to stimulating your body's defences. Thanks to these special effects infrared treatments can also be used for complaints such as rheumatism, colds and migraines.


Walls which radiate heat provide a mild warmth and ensure temperatures remain consistent. Between <b>37 and 39deg;C</b>your body can gently perspire. Blood flow in vessels is improved and the heart has improved circulation. Your body strengthens its own immune system.<br />Various colours from light therapy create a pleasing ambience, which stimulates and relaxes body and mind. The colour sequence occurs automatically and lasts for around 30 minutes.


UV radiation provides many benefits for your health:

  • Increased resistance to infections
  • Promotes oxygen and mineral metabolism
  • Increases the storage of calcium in bones

Duration: 8 minutes
Cost: € 5,-
Tokens available at Reception.

Taking time out from the daily grind does you good and is important for your mind and body. In our ornate sauna area you can finally enjoy some relaxation.